Appointments and COVID-19

We are open to new referrals, please make contact by email only; we do not answer telephone queries:

Our appointments can be remote or face to face, both telephone or video whichever is more convenient to parent/s or young person on Mondays (remote only) and Thursdays (face to face only).

Please do not email personal / confidential / private / medical information via email as this will not be read for legal reasons. We cannot answer urgent queries and advise that all urgent concerns are referred to local GP, out of hours GP service or if necessary A/E.

Please ensure your child sees and obtains a referral from GP within 2-4 weeks before assessment.

Note: although we try not to have lengthy waiting lists, we cannot provide an emergency service and as such we are a routine psychiatric service only, please attend GP, A/E or local emergency service if urgent concern arises. Our wait list is currently 4 weeks for appointment.